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UPDATE: Dog Found that Escaped at Veterinarian Hospital

Posted: 8:49 PM Oct 21, 2013
Reporter: Dianne Derby

Update 10/22/13:
A Colorado Springs family called 11 News Tuesday afternoon to report Tao has been found. Laurel Burritt says several tips came into animal control officers that Tao was spotted at a outdoor shopping mall near the veterinarian's office in Englewood.

The dog was reunited with her family who happened to also be searching in the area at the time. The family tells us Tao is now in the care of the veterinarian's office and is scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow.

Original story posted 10/21/13:
A local family is devastated after they say a veterinarian's office lost their dog.

The Burritt family says Tao was last seen outside the vet hospital near Jason and Hampden streets in Englewood, Colorado. They say she was scheduled for an MRI this morning and was being put into a vehicle at the vet hospital when she got loose and ran off.

"To lose her under these circumstances is heartbreaking but she's been part of our family," said Laurel Burritt.

Dr. Stephen Lane at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology told 11 News he and and his staff are upset about the whole situation. Lane said Tao was with a vet technician and somehow got spooked and slipped out of her leash. He says staff members have been out looking for the dog all day.

If you have any information call call the Humane Society in Littleton at 303-703-2938.

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