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Walmart Employee Theft Ring Broken Up

Posted: 3:39 AM Feb 16, 2013
Reporter: KKTV

Four Walmart employees were arrested Friday evening after they were suspected of stealing items from the store over a period of several months.

Colorado Springs police arrested the suspects at the Walmart on 3201 E. Platte Ave. Loss prevention agents alerted police to the employee thefts. Police discovered that the four had been stealing items such as computers, televisions and video games, then selling and pawning the items. Police believe the thefts have been going on for months.

Twenty-year-old Larry Smith, 25-year-old Justin Lott and 20-year-old Cedric Kelly are facing charges of felony theft, conspiracy and providing false information to pawn brokers. Twenty-year-old Joe Riding was served and released for misdemeanor theft.

Police say they are still in the process of investigating these crimes.
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