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Abduction Suspect Arrested

Posted: 10:05 AM Feb 6, 2013
Reporter: KKTV

Pueblo police have arrested a man in connection to a reported abduction at South High School.

Just before 9 a.m. on Wednesday a witness observed a white van with a black stripe pull up in front of South High School.

A male driver got out and was seen talking to unknown person for a moment. The driver then grabbed the pedestrian by the shoulder and put them in the front passenger seat of the van, got back in the vehicle, and left.

Police say they arrested a 34-year-old man. They say he and his wife were arguing. She left the vehicle and started walking as the man followed in the van. Police say the man eventually left the vehicle, assaulted his wife and forced her into the van and left the area.

The suspect is being charged with second-degree kidnapping, third-degree assault and domestic violence.
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