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Real Or A Hoax? Police Look Into Reports Of Armed Man At Garden Of The Gods

Posted: 5:37 AM Feb 4, 2013
Reporter: KKTV

Investigators are still not sure whether reports of an armed man at one of Colorado Springs' most famous tourist attractions were real or a hoax.

Police flocked to Garden of the Gods around 5:30 p.m. Sunday after a visitor reported seeing a man get out of his car wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying several guns. The park was shut down for a couple of hours while officers tried to find the armed suspect.

But police were unable to find any trace of a man matching the description the caller had given. Inside the only car police could find resembling the caller's description, officers found a group of surprised and confused people, none who were armed.

Officers say that without a license plate number, there is no way to track this individual down. They tell 11 News that unless they receive more information, they have no choice but to close this case.
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