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Text Message Scam Targets Bank Customers

Posted: 8:06 PM Jan 26, 2013
Reporter: Alyssa Chin
Text Scam Uses Wells Fargo Name

11 News has a warning about a suspicious message that may have already ended up on your cell phone. Crooks are sending them, trying to get ahold of your bank account information.

Scammers are sending a seemingly harmless text message to cell phones. At first glance, people may be tempted to fall for the scam.

In the last two days, 11 News has had countless calls come into our newsroom about the fake message. The text, sent out to cell phone users, is an apparent warning about Wells Fargo debit and credit cards being deactivated.

The number listed on the text to call back is a local 719 number, hoping to bait people into giving up personal and valuable information.

"I did use a Skype account, called this number, it was an electronic voice; first thing it asked me was for the 16 digit account number on my debit card," Springs homeowner Kent Nelson said.

Nelson knew better, but says he's still upset about the message. He showed us the text had been sent to both of his phones, and said his entire family received them as well.

"My first thought is, it really irritates me. I don't like to get ripped off, and I don't like to see people get ripped off, and that's what these (scammers) are trying to do," Nelson said.

Nelson hopes others will take his advice and if they get the message, to just delete it.

Wells Fargo says they have been made aware of the scam and that they will never text you asking for personal or account information.
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