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One Arrested In Southeast Springs Gun Battle

Posted: 5:19 AM Nov 30, 2012
Reporter: KKTV
Shooting Investigation

A gun battle spanning for miles on the southeast side of Colorado Springs ended with one man shot several times and a teenager behind bars.

Denzel Sanchez, 19, was arrested Thursday night and is being held in the CJC on attempted first-degree murder charges.

More than 20 people called police Thursday as shots rang out in the area of Astrozon and South Chelton around 8:30 p.m. Witnesses reported two vehicles driving down the road as the occupants inside fired at each other.

Police were dispatched to Astrozon and South Chelton, then officers fanned out to several locations while they tried to pinpoint where the suspects had been and where they were heading.

One of the suspect vehicles was ultimately located at the 2600 block of Fountain, with an injured man inside. Despite suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, the man is expected to recover.

Officers eventually caught up with the second vehicle in the area of North Carefree and Academy. After questioning the two people inside, Sanchez was taken into custody. No word if anyone else involved will face charges.

According to police, the occupants in both vehicles know each other, and had gotten involved in a verbal confrontation that escalated into the gun battle.

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