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Driver Crashes Stolen Truck After Chase

Posted: 9:48 PM Jan 24, 2013
Reporter: KKTV
Police Still Looking For Truck Theft Suspect

Police are looking for the driver who crashed a stolen truck into a fence and then ran off.

At about 8:40 Thursday evening, a Colorado state trooper tried to stop a red Ford F-150 pickup for speeding near I-25 and Lake Avenue in Colorado Springs.

When the truck wouldn't stop, there was a short pursuit, ending when the the truck crashed into a fence on South Prospect. It turns out the pickup had been reported stolen in Colorado Springs.

The driver got away on foot, but a passenger was taken into custody. She's identified as 34-year-old Vanessa Trujullo-Padilla of Colorado Springs. There was also a dog in the truck, and Animal Control officers took it away.

As of 6 a.m. Friday, the driver had not been caught.

The description of the driver is vague: he's a white man, medium build, with brown hair. He was wearing a dark hoodie and had a backpack.

If you have any information that would help investigators, please call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.
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