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Golf Club Cart Among Items Found At Hospital, Causes Bomb Scare

Posted: 9:17 PM Jan 9, 2013
Reporter: KKTV

A golf club cart and a BBQ grill were among the items that caused a couple of tense hours at a Pueblo hospital.

A bomb squad was sent to Parkview Medical Center after a security guard found a suspicious package on the first floor of the parking garage around 9:30 p.m. and called police. The Pueblo Police Department says that on first glance, the package appeared to contain some type of explosive device.

The garage is located across the street from the hospital. Streets surrounding the parking garage were blocked off while police investigated, though the hospital itself was never evacuated.

After a close inspection, authorities determined that the suspicious package was actually an assortment of discarded items: a suitcase, an empty 20 pound propane tank commonly used for grilling, and a golf club cart. None posed any sort of danger.

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