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Hooked - (Stacia Naquin)

It’s October. But I’m still in it to achieve my New Year’s Resolution!

I want to be able to do a pull-up. And I’m a centimeter away. That’s it. So my trainer, Keith Banner at Mitchell Brothers Training, introduced a new gadget to help me work through that final piece of the puzzle.

Lifting hooks!! Grrrrrrrrrrr

These hooks don’t do the work for me. But they do help me target the movements to be more effective.

“Using the lifting hooks allows a greater amount of weight to be lifted without worries of grip failure,” says my trainer, Keith. “This allows the person to build even more strength without lack of grip strength becoming a factor.”

Keith recommends them for more than just pull-up training.

“The hooks can be utilized whenever the amount of weight being used is greater than one's grip strength- lat pull downs, pull ups, seated rows, bent over rows, & the dead lift,” he says.

And so my journey continues! I know I’m getting stronger, because I can do chin-ups with NO PROBLEM at all. So, that’s an exciting development for me! But I’ll keep using these hooks to reach my ultimate goal. I’m almost there!!
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