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KKTV Health Class - (Stacia Naquin)

7th Grade is not easy. I remember those days. Kids can be cruel. And sometimes it's hard to keep those moments from getting to you. But those moments in middle school can also shape the way you see yourself and your self-esteem. We don't often think about it, but that can be a really powerful element of our overall health.

That's why KKTV and Penrose Saint Francis Health Services teamed up for the KKTV Health Class. We're working to bring all the elements of health to students all over Southern Colorado. It's a chance to let kids know that physical wellness is just as important as emotional wellness, which is just as important as intellectual wellness and more! All of these factors work together to help each of us become the best we can be!

We're excited to get this message to students. So, if you would like us to bring this program to your school, give us a call! 719-634-2844

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