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Two Phone Scams Circulating this Week (Betty Sexton)

Thanks to two Springs viewers who called in to the Call for Action hotline Tuesday, September 4th. They told us about some crazy crooks who were after their money.

The first one is bizarre. The caller reportedly claimed to be an FBI agent who said you deserved to have a security system to protect your home. You're told the system is free because the government wants to make sure you're safe.... but at the end of the call you're asked for your credit card number. Really?! Never give your credit card information to a stranger.

The second call was supposedly a warning from Chase Bank that your checking account had been compromised. So what are you asked to give out? Your account number! Just remember your bank already knows your account number and doesn't need to ask for it.

In any case remember .... you're the gatekeeper of your information. It's up to you to guard and protect it. If you think there's a shred of truth in any call you receive, hang up, look up the number to the agency or company on your own, and check it out with someone that you know is affiliated with that group.

If you ever have doubts or questions, feel free to call us! Just dial 457-8211 and we'll be happy to help. Our volunteers are good at sniffing out crooks and we'd rather you waste your time checking something out... then not checking and losing your money or personal information.

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