Weight Loss Journey

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At 6 foot 6, David Olson weighs more than a quarter ton. “My t-shirt size was 8x and my waist was 77 inches.” When the doctor told 44-year-old Olson he wouldn’t live to see 50 if he didn’t lose the weight, that’s when he started a program at the Metabolic Research Center. And he’s invited us along for his weight loss journey.

Olson is on a diet program at the Metabolic Center, where he weighs in three times a week.
He’s trying to lose at least 275 pounds. Today, we’re there when Olson hits a landmark: 50 pounds in 44 days.

Olson says doing the simple things in life, like just getting around, were a struggle for him. “I can reach down and tie my shoes. I couldn’t do that before. It was embarrassing,” Olson said with a tear in his eye.

Once a week, Olson meets with his trainer doing cardio and weights. He wants to weigh below 300 pounds. He knows with his determination and will power, he’ll achieve that goal in the next year or so. Olson said his 4 daughters are his motivation.

Stay tuned to KKTV 11 News at 10pm. We’ll weigh in on Olson’s progress every six weeks.