Home Invasions on the Rise

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Colorado Springs has had 15 home invasion robberies in 2006, so far. Police say, that's more of these kinds of robberies than this time last year.

Unlike a cat burglar, who goes into a home when people are there but leaves undetected, a home invasion robber forces his way inside a home and can terrorize the people inside.

Sergeant Scott Whittington with the Colorado Springs Police Robbery Unit has this advice, "Do not put up any resistance. Don't try to get to your gun if you have one, or don't try to overpower anybody."

Of the 15 home invasion robberies this year, Sgt. Whittington says in half of them, the victims knew who was robbing them. The other half, he says, are random, and cause for concern.

He says, officers are looking to neighborhood watches to help them keep an eye out for anything unusual. If you see a car or person who looks suspicious, call police, and they can step up patrols and find out what that person is doing in the neighborhood.

Many of these home invasion robberies are unsolved. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs and 542-STOP in Pueblo. You could earn a cash reward for your tip.