FEMA Workers From Southern Colorado Remain In Custudy

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Two Federal Emergency Management Agency managers from Colorado will remain in custody -- facing charges of taking kickbacks from a food services contractor.

Federal prosecutor Jan Mann says Loyd Hollman's bond was set at 170-thousand dollars and Andrew Rose's at "substantially more."

Mann says they will not have to put up cash, but must put up any property they own as collateral.

Both Hollman and Rose held volunteer positions at the Stonewall Fire Department in Southern Colorado before working for FEMA.

Family and friends are having a hard time believing the charges, telling 11 News both men are financially stable.

Stonewall Fire Chief says the two men volunteered literally "thousands" of hours for the department, and says he would "trust these men with my life."

The men had worked at a FEMA camp in New Orleans. Each is accused of taking ten-thousand dollars in cash from the contractor.

Authorities say the contractor notified the government. The men are accused of taking the contractor into a locked room last month -- and offering to inflate reports of FEMA workers eating at the camp to increase the contractor's revenue -- in exchange for kickbacks.

Authorities say federal agents have Rose and Hollman on tape talking about the alleged scheme.