Assessing Local Truck Routes

More heavy trucks could be coming to a street near you.
A sub-comittee of a city appointed traffic advisory board is looking at existing truck routes and the possibility of adding a few more.

Not everyone's okay with this proposal.

Some say they see enough heavy trucks cruise by their homes. Adding more could be dangerous.From her dining room table, Donna Drialo sees more than her fair share of semi-truck traffic.

"We had a small truck, I mean a small car and tractor trailer accident right in front of penrose hospital," she said.

She lives on north Nevada Avenue, which serves as a business route for large trucks as they make their way through the city.
It's part of a larger system of truck routes, which is currently under review by a trucking issues sub-committee. They're talking about adding on: as Donna understands it, any on a colored map of streets is up for grabs.
"If your street goes somewhere it's a potential to be considered for truck traffic of some type," said Drialo

City traffic engineer Dave Krauth says that could be putting the cart before the horse. Any change would have to live up to city code, and meet specific criteria keeping things like foot traffic and neighborhood arrangement in mind.

"We don't want a lot of traffic going through our neighborhoods on a general basis," said Krauth. "Obviously, we need to balance that with the need for the trucking industry to do the business they need to do."

Change to the current truck route would need to go through the city's traffic advisory board, and ultimately, the approval of city council.