Freeway or Expressway?

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As many as 50,000 people use it every day. That is, the stretch of U.S. Highway 24 between I-25 and Manitou Springs. Soon, the highway may look a lot different.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has found the highway has a congestion problem. CDOT has to decide if the highway should be a fast-moving freeway or an expressway, with plenty of access to local neighborhoods.

At Thursday's open house, people crowd the room to llook at the proposals, and give their input.

John Grave lives on the West Side. He says, "This is going to impact me every single time I make a left or right turn."

Some people believe the plans are physically too big. Colorado Department of Transportation Engineer Dave Watt says, "We're trying to do some things to make the footprint as small as we can."

By this summer, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and Federal Transportation officials should decide if Highway 24 needs to be a major freeway or something similar to what it is now.

The environmental assessment should be done in late 2007.

You can get details about the plans, meetings, and timelines at