Senate Panel Kills Bill for 'Super Slab' Toll Road

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A state Senate panel has voted to kill a bill that would've made it easier to build a 210-mile-long private toll road on the plains east of Interstate 25.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted six-to-one to kill the bill after hundreds of people crowded the Capitol to protest and argue against the plan.

The man behind the proposal, Ray Wells, isn't commenting after the committee tabled the measure and said it would study the issue of toll roads this summer.

Opponents say the project would've disrupted their rural lifestyle and allowed private investors to use eminent domain to take away their land. Wells argued the highway would ease congestion, and allow trains to avoid busy intersections along the Front Range.

With nearly 700 people at the Capitol, about 200 people crowded into the old state Supreme Court chambers, which is the largest hearing room at the Statehouse. An additional 500 people listened to testimony in four hearing rooms wired with speakers.