Fort Carson Response

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Fort Carson Army commanders are denying allegations that soldiers have been threatened with deployment to Iraq if they don't re-enlist.

Lieutenant Colonel David Johnson says the army wants soldiers who want to be there. He says the post has the highest re-enlistment rate in the nation.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette has called for an investigation into claims that Iraqi war veterans near the end of their duty were told to re-enlist or go back to Iraq.

Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Lever says up to one-third of the four-thousand-member Third Brigade Combat Team at Fort Carson will be nearing the ends of their enlistment terms.

She says 850 had re-enlisted, with about 750 getting bonuses of up to 15-thousand dollars. Lever didn't know how many soldiers declined to re-enlist.

Fort Carson has about 14-thousand soldiers, including the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment, the Third Brigade Combat Team and other