Traffic Lights Malfunctioning Just Before Fatal Crash

Credit: The Gazette

Traffic lights quit working properly just before a deadly crash Friday morning.

The aftermath was grisly: a mangled Mustang covered with a tarp, the bed of a Dodge pickup twisted at an odd angle. Items from both vehicles littered across the intersection. The crash happened at Bradley and Marksheffel when a 50-year-old woman driving the Mustang broadsided the truck. She and her 10-year-old son were both killed. The driver of the truck was injured, but is expected to recover.

Our partners at The Gazette spoke to the devastated husband and father of the two victims.

"I lost two people in my life...all at the same time," Larey Mears told The Gazette.

The victims were identified as Kimberly and Raley Mears. Larey said they were on their way home after dropping off a friend. He described mother and son as inseparable.

"They were like two peas in a pod--they never went anywhere without each other," Larey said.

Larey and Kim had just celebrated 13 years of marriage.

Witnesses told 11 News immediately that the traffic lights had gone out late Friday morning, just before the fatal collision. The city later confirmed that the lights did malfunction.

Residents living in the area said that even when the lights are working, the intersection is a dangerous one. City officials are now trying to get data on the number of crashes that have occurred at the intersection in 2013 and 2014.