Highway 24 Reopened From Cave Of The Winds To Cascade

Hwy 24 on May 25, 2014 while drivers wait for the closure to be lifted. (Credit: Jen Aldrich)

CSP is reporting that Highway 24 is reopened from Cascade to Cave of the Winds following an earlier flash flood warning.

The closure is a standard procedure when there is a strong risk of flooding. Chief Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe says that authorities reopen the roadway once there is no longer a threat of severe flooding.

It was closed for the second time in three days for the possibility of flash floods.

Every time there is a chance for flash flooding, there are a few things that will happen in Manitou Springs.

Police say the town will sound the flash flood sirens. That means, get away from the creek and get to higher ground immediately.

They will open an evacuation center for people caught in town that need to get to higher ground or just a place to wait out the storm. It doesn't mean residents are being evacuated.

Authorities say they will also shut down Highway 24 and stop allowing people into Manitou Springs.

We talked to people today who were caught up in the road closures Sunday and last Friday.

"The road eventually re-opened but it's been touch and go all day, pretty much with this weather and there's been a lot of hail," driver Donald Martin said.

"We had some friends that had a cabin in Manitou Springs. They were throwing out the blankets and sleeping bags. We were prepared to stay there but then got the word that the pass was open so we came back up," driver Steve Fuller said.

When Highway 24 shuts down from Manitou to Cascade, drivers could be stuck for 20 minutes, 2 hours, or even longer, there’s never a set time. They suggest keeping a few things in your car just in case. They say water is a big one, maybe some granola bars, a blanket, and a flashlight at the very least.

Police want to remind everyone that the key during a flash flood is to get up, not out.