Zoo Visitors Introduced To Clouded Leopard Cubs

A pair of clouded leopard cubs are doing well, and are being introduced to the public.

Pi and Rhu were born at the Denver Zoo March 14. Zookeepers have been raising them by hand, because their mother is inexperienced and wasn't attending to them.

The cubs have moved from an incubator to a "whelping box." The zoo says the box gives the cubs a safe place to play and learn things like walking and crawling until they are big enough to be introduced into the larger exhibit.

Visitors to the zoo can see the cubs between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Marynelle Philpott Fishing Cat Lagoon.

The cubs' names were chosen because they were born on March 14. The date is often referred to as "Pi Day" so one cub was named after the mathematical constant. The day is also Albert Einstein's birthday, and the second cub was named Rhu after his favorite desert, rhubarb pie.

Credit: Denver Zoo
Credit: Denver Zoo
Credit: Denver Zoo

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