Wrong-Way Driver Causes Crash

A wrong-way driver caused two vehicles to crash, but reportedly got away herself unscathed.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon on I-25 near South Academy.

Witnesses told 11 News that the driver was going northbound in the southbound lanes. Vehicles swerved to get out of her way, and two actually crashed, which sent debris flying into a third car.

"I didn't know what was happening...basically I was in front of the accident." James Kolarik recalled. "Then I heard my window pop and break. I'm like, 'Great, someone hit me,' but it was just my window."

The woman who caused all the commotion reportedly drove over the median back into the northbound lanes, and just kept going.

Authorities are now looking for the driver. At this time, the only suspect information that they have is that it was a female in a gray sedan.

If you witnessed the incident and have information you think can help, contact authorities right away.