Worries Over Treacherous Road

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A deadly accident on a dirt road prompts neighbors to speak out. They told us while the accident is incredibly sad, they're not surprised.

Just driving down the in broad daylight was tough enough; homeowners said it’s so dark at night, even those who drive it routinely often have issues.

Deidra Page has lived in the area southwest of the Pikes Peak International Raceway since 2007. She told us it's been a constant battle over the roads and who's responsible for keeping them maintained.

"The potholes are sometimes a foot and a half deep in places and it's crazy," Page said.

Thursday night David Feaster, a Fort Carson soldier, was driving this SUV with his 10-year-old son inside when they rolled off the road. The boy ran for help, but his dad was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although horrified by what happened, Page said she's not at all surprised. The roads aren't maintained or marked clearly.

"There was actually an emergency vehicle stuck in the ditch last night right along with the accident. So when they're trying to help somebody or do their job, they're getting stuck too. Just seems like that's a huge safety issue,” Page said. “I don't know what I would do if one of my children gets seriously injured and I had to have Life Flight [come out], and nobody knew where to find me."

She added that some people are getting so tried and upset, they've actually started driving through other people's property to avoid the messy roads.

We put calls into the El Paso County Office about the roads. We have not yet heard back, although homeowners told us they've been told by the county that it's not their responsibility.

Feaster was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Investigators believe that speed was a factor in the crash, but do not suspect alcohol.