Woodland Park Mayor in Court

The mayor of Woodland Park will be in court Monday morning to officially hear the charges against him in a child sex assault case.

David Turley was arrested in May.

He originally said he would stay away from city meetings during the legal process, but then showed up to a city council meeting June 5th. He told KKTV 11 News at the time he felt like it was his duty to show up, but wouldn't comment on the charges against him.

"Better not make any comments for right now; just working through the process. We will see where it ends in court. I haven't been arraigned or anything. We will take it a day at a time. I will say what I've said previously: this kind of thing is devastating. It's devastating for me and the community. Hopefully, we can get it resolved quickly and move forward," Turley said.

City officials and law enforcement are releasing few details about the allegations against Turley, but will say that the alleged assault happened sometime between May 11 and May 22. At one point, police executed a search warrant for the mayor's house and car, and collected undisclosed evidence. Turley was brought in for questioning the night before his arrest May 23.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is assisting with the investigation. The Woodland Park chief of police says it's because the suspect in this case is an elected official.

Turley says he has no plans to step down.