Injuries From Popular New Game Becoming More Common

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It's the new craze and not just for kids, but adults too. Instead of a controller, the Xbox Kinect works by sensing every move your body makes. Who knew playing it could send you to the hospital?

Nikki Harding can only watch when her daughter Millie plays the super popular Xbox Kinect inside their Colorado Springs home.

It was New Year's Eve when Harding says she ended up breaking her foot, thanks to the Kinect. "I've made it 35 years without ever breaking anything,” said Harding with a chuckle. “I thought I was good.”

It turns out Harding was playing a track and field game on the Kinect when the unexpected happened. She was running in place while doing the long jump. "I came down wrong on my foot and it just snapped."

Harding’s family decided she should go to the emergency room. The doctor said she had fractured her foot.

11 News spoke with Dr. Jack Sharon of Penrose St. Francis in Colorado Springs. He says, although not common, people are indeed showing up with video game related injuries.

"There's pretty much nothing that surprises me anymore," said Sharon. He also says game players can get the same types of injuries seen out in the real world.

"There's a wide spectrum,” said Sharon. “You could get tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. “ Sharon also says you could get muscle strains or hurt your back if you work too hard.

People are posting their own “Xbox Fail” videos on YouTube. If you want to check one out, click on the link below this story.

Bottom line, video game injuries can happen these days and it can be serious like in Harding’s case. She was wearing socks when she ended up breaking her foot.

Doctor’s say you should wear your shoes. "They give you more support…more arch support...things like that," said Sharon.

Here are some other pointers: Stretch before you play more active games, which goes for Nintendo Wii players as well. Also, make sure to clear the space around you so you don't accidentally run into something like a coffee table or a couch. Doctors emphasize, you should prepare for the Kinect or the Wii just like you do for activities out in the real world.

You never know, you might end up like Harding.

"Not being able to just get up and jump around and do the laundry...and get the kids whatever they need is frustrating."