Woman Charged

Suspect Donna Kaiser-Anderson (Credit: EPSO)

A woman accused of killing a members of own family was formally charged in court Monday morning.

Donna Kaiser-Anderson, 57, is facing a murder charge. Investigators with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office tell us the body of the suspect's mother and the body of the suspect's husband were found in her trailer on Western Drive in the eastern part of Colorado Springs. Investigators say it's not clear if she killed both victims. Kaiser-Anderson is facing one count of murder.

Kaiser-Anderson entered the courtroom of Judge Maria Prudek at 10:00 am this morning for a first appearance; she was wearing the same open-toed sandals and El Paso County Jail bright orange scrubs as the other inmates she sat with.

She shifted back and forth in her chair before turning her back to the public seating area, toward the judges bench.

When Judge Prudek entered the courtroom at 10:05 Kaiser-Anderson sat up straight and while biting her lip glanced around the courtroom.

Her long black hair ran down to the small of her back and her left leg sat crossed over the right.

At 10:33 she was called to stand in front of Judge Prudek.

Deborah Pearson from the District Attorney's office asked that Kaiser-Anderson' bond be revoked because of the first-degree murder charge against Kaiser-Anderson and was granted that request.

There is now a gag order in the case, so investigators cannon talk with the media about the case.

The next hearing for Kaiser-Anderson is scheduled for March 1 at 8:30 am.

Two bodies were discovered inside Kaiser-Anderson's trailer at the Springs Mobile Home Park near Galley and Powers on Jan. 4. Detectives were led to the mobile home after a neighbor discovered a bullet hole in his own trailer.

The neighbors told 11 News that if they hadn't spotted the bullet hole, they aren't sure how long it would have been before the bodies were discovered.

Despite being the only suspect, authorities tell 11 News they still aren't certain Kaiser-Anderson killed both victims. Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office told 11 News that the male victim appeared to have gunshot wounds, but that investigators were waiting on autopsy results to determine how the female victim died.

Arrest papers quoted Kaiser-Anderson saying, "He did something to my mother, I wasn't going to stand for it."

Kaiser-Anderson is being held at the CJC.