Woman Speaks Out After Learning Kitten She Put Up For Adoption Was Tortured, Killed

Loki as a very young kitten.

When a Pueblo West woman let an acquaintance adopt two of her kittens, she was certain she was sending them to a good and safe home.

"We found friends to take them in, thinking they would be well taken care of and spoiled as much as we spoiled them," Jessi told 11 News. The man who took in Loki and Stewie seemed like a nice guy.

"We thought Robert was a good guy, always smiling, cracking little jokes," Jessi recalled.

Jessi contacted 11 News after the news broke Friday that Robert Heckmann, 25, had been arrested on allegations of sadistic cruelty towards 12-week-old Loki. Authorities say that the Pueblo man filmed himself torturing and killing the kitten, then texted about the incident afterwards. Read full story here.

"I AM ENRAGED," Jessi first wrote on the 11 News Facebook page. "He seemed like such a nice guy...I am shaking so bad right now. I cried for the poor little kitten."

Jessi and her husband own Loki's mother and father. She says Loki and his brother Stewie were part of an unplanned litter after their parents weren't fixed in time.

"The kittens come from a very loving home...they were all hand-raised and spoiled...when they were ready for new homes, we found friends to take them in thinking they would be well taken care of.

"I wanted the two boys [Loki and Stewie] to go together because they played all the time, all the kittens loved each other so much. Robert even showed us a video of them playing together. And that's the crazy thing, he acted like he loved them both so much," Jessi told 11 News Saturday.

Authorities allege that Heckmann first tried drowning Loki, then strangled him for 10 minutes when drowning didn't kill him. After being tipped off about the alleged abuse, animal law enforcement say they found the kitten's body in a garbage bag when they raided Heckmann's home.

Stewie was found alive in the home, and is currently being treated by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. After receiving treatment for some medical issues, HSPPR says Stewie will be ready for adoption. He's reportedly doing very well, something Jessi tells us she's relieved to hear.

" I am so happy to hear about Stewie. To whoever adopting [sic] him, please give him the love and attention he deserves. He is going to be a very good cat. He is such a sweet boy."

Heckmann faces felony charges of animal cruelty. He is out on bond.