Woman Sentenced To 41 Years For Killing Mother-In-Law

Credit: CSPD

A Springs woman will spend the next four decades behind bars for murdering her mother-in-law.

The sentence for Elizyabeth Joy Rainey came down Friday.

According to authorities, 20-year-old Rainey was in the middle of a divorce in April of last year and claimed to hear voices telling her that her mother-in-law was going to take everything from her. Court records say that Rainey confessed to throwing boiling water on 59-year-old Deborah Rainey to distract her, then stabbed her multiple times before pouring bleach down the woman's throat and nose.

Afterwards, authorities say Rainey dragged her mother-in-law's body to a back bedroom and hid her under an air mattress.

An autopsy revealed Deborah Rainey died of multiple stab wounds.

When Springs police arrived at the Tanager Meadows Apartment to investigate a dispute, officers said they saw a bloody butcher knife and tried to question Rainey. Rainey reportedly threw her 2-month-old child to them and ran.

An officer caught the child, then chased after Rainey. After catching up to her, Rainey confessed to killing someone.

Rainey was sentenced Friday to 41 years in prison.