Woman Sentenced For Providing Gun That Killed Prison Chief

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A federal judge has sentenced a woman to 27 months in prison for buying the handgun that was used to kill Colorado's prisons director last year.

Stevie Vigil pleaded guilty to buying the weapon that parolee Evan Ebel allegedly used to fatally shoot corrections chief Tom Clements when he answered the door of his home in Monument, about 50 miles south of Denver.

Prosecutors say Ebel used the same gun to kill Nathan Leon, a Denver computer technician and pizza deliveryman, and wound a sheriff's deputy in Texas, where Ebel fled. Ebel was killed in a shootout there.

With Ebel dead, Vigil has so far been the only person to face a criminal charge related to the prison chief's killing. The 23-year-old was also sentenced to three years supervision. She had faced a maximum of 10 years in prison.