Woman Scammed While Trying to Sell Car Online

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A local woman says she was trying to sell her car online when she got an offer that turned out to be a scam.

Katreena Esquibel tells 11 News she posted the ad for her Cadillac on craigslist, and a few weeks later got a text from someone saying they were interested in buying the car.

Esquibel, who lives in Pueblo, says in that text the buyer said he would give her extra money to hold the car for him and take the ad down.

The so-called buyer lived out of state, and said he would also send extra money to cover the cost of shipping the car.

Esquibel got a check in the mail and when she tried to cash it, found out it was fake.

"Something like that could really mess with somebody if they go and blow their rent money or something because they think there's a check coming in, and when the check comes in, it's a scam," said Esquibel.

The Federal Trade Commission says if you are selling something online, never accept a check for more than the asking price.

They suggest asking for the check to be from a local bank, or a bank with a local branch, that way you can go to the bank yourself and see if the check is real.

If the buyer ever asks you to wire back money, walk away from the deal right away. That is a major red flag that something is suspicious.

To avoid dealing with possible fake checks, you can always ask the buyer for cash.

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