Woman Finds Missing Dog On Craigslist

The Craigslist ad
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PUEBLO, Colo. This might be a dog owner's biggest fear, seeing an ad on Craigslist of your missing dog, posted by someone you don't know. That's exactly what happened to one woman in Pueblo.

The Craigslist ad was for a border collie mix named Jake. The ad said Jake was for sale and in need of a home.

But "Jake"--whose name is actually Mumble--already had a loving home. The dog's owner, Sarah Catano, says Mumble went missing Saturday morning. She asked her brother to watch Mumble while she was out of town. Her brother told her that he didn't know where the dog was.

For the past few days, Catano was posting information about her lost dog on social media sites. She also asked friends and neighbors to keep a look out for him.

It wasn't until a friend suggested that she search Craigslist that she found her precious Mumble.

"Someone told me to look on Craigslist, and I did. It was the first ad. It said 'border collie mix,' and I knew right away that it was my dog," said Catano.

Catano e-mailed the person on Craigslist and asked for her dog back. That person never responded. Catano's friends started e-mailing the Craigslister as well. Eventually, the Craigslister gave out their address.

On Monday, Pueblo police visited the address of the person on Craigslist. Police were able to find Mumble and return him back to Catano.

Catano says she's not pressing charges because she just wanted her dog back.