Woman Drowns While Trying To Save Dog

An attempt at rescuing a dog ended in tragedy after the woman attempting the life-saving act drowned.

Witnesses told Boulder County authorities that the woman saw a dog struggling to keep afloat after falling into the Highland Ditch north of Longmont, and jumped into the fast-moving water after it. Friends pulled the woman from the water and called for help. When sheriff's deputies got to the scene, the woman was unconscious and her friends were attempting to revive her with CPR.

The victim was transported to a hospital in Longmont, where she was pronounced dead. She has been identified as 31-year-old Megan Davis.

A spokesperson with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office says that water in ditches and creeks is moving fast right now, and called for people to use "extreme caution" around the waterways.

"Do not go into them without safety equipment,” Heidi Prentup with the BCSO said.

The sheriff's office says the dog was rescued and is doing fine.