Woman Dragged By Car During Attempted Robbery

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A woman dragged beside a car during an attempted robbery says she believes the crime was planned.

"The way they were cruising around," she recalled to 11 News reporter Mecca Rayne, "That was my second thought, that they planned it as they passed by the first time."

Patty, 61, was outside a church just after 1 p.m. on March 10, leaving a funeral.

"I was standing outside a car with two other women, and I noticed a car going by one time."

She says she didn't think much of it when it came around again.

"I saw it come around and I ignored it...and apparently it went really close to us."

What happened next happened fast: the passenger in the moving vehicle suddenly reached out the window and grabbed Patty's purse, taking her by complete surprise. Then the car sped up. Patty was drug several feet by the moving vehicle.

"I went flying nose-first and took a nosedive...must have landed on my hand but I don't remember that....all I remember is hitting the ground and thinking, 'Hope I didn't break my nose.'"

The robbery happened near Logan and Pine in Pueblo. The vehicle was last seen heading northbound on Pine.

Two weeks later, Patty still has bumps and bruises, but says she feels lucky to be alive. She's frustrated the suspects haven't been caught.

"We've got pictures," she said, referencing images of the car caught on surveillance, which were released Monday. "But this happened two weeks ago.

"It infuriates me because they [police] could have caught them the first day."

Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as a silver, late model Cadillac or Lincoln type sedan with out of state license plates. Police are hoping someone in the public will recognize the vehicle from the surveillance photos and step forward.

The driver and passenger are described as young Hispanic females, thin builds, wearing hooded sweatshirts.

If you have any information about the suspects, please call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP.