Woman Dies After Her Truck Runs Over Her

An 80-year-old woman dies after her truck runs over her.

The woman was visiting her best friend friend, near Highway 115 and Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. It's a trip she made at least once a week. During her visit, she realized she had left her truck running in the driveway.

She was standing outside the vehicle on the driver side and tried to turn it off. That's when the vehicle began to roll back out of the driveway and into the street. It turned and rolled over the curb of another residence in the area and struck a tree.

As the truck rolled up the curb, it caused the victim to fall on the ground in front of the truck and ran her over.

The victim's best friend saw it happen and tried to pull her to safety, but couldn't.

"She chased after her and told her to let it go. My mom tried to grab her out of there, and she couldn't get here," said Marie Baca, the best friend's daughter.

The victim was transported to an area hospital where she died.

A family friend tells 11 News the victim leaves behind a husband, children and grandchildren.