Suspect Arrested in Mall Carjacking

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A man is facing charges after police say he carjacked a woman in broad daylight at a southern Colorado mall.

Jeffrey Frank is accused of attacking a woman after she refused to give him a dollar. Then he allegedly stole her keys and took off with her car.

It happened in the Dillard’s parking lot at the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs just before 6 p.m. Sunday.

Investigators say the woman was leaving the store and standing at her car in the parking lot when she was attacked.

Investigators say they reviewed the surveillance video from the store's camera but were unable to see anything related to the crime.

We talked to shoppers in the area who say they always try to stay alert when out and about.

"Seems to me like either we're hearing more about it or crime is really on the rise," one shopper told us.

"It's a little scary. I come here all the time and I'm usually by myself when I do it, and so it's kind of scary for me, and I guess anyone else I know that comes to this area,” shopper Tiffany Vaughn added.

Police say the woman did the right thing, she screamed when she was fighting with the man. They say the other shoppers who came to her rescue couldn't catch the carjacker, but the woman was not hurt.