Suspects Arrested After Woman Carjacked, Almost Kidnapped

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Police have arrested three people and found a stolen car today. They said a woman was carjacked by the three suspects in the middle of a parking lot at a local store.

The carjacking happened near South Academy and Hancock Expressway on the southeast side of Colorado Springs around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

KKTV 11 News talked with the victim at the scene. She was still visibly shaken up and didn't want to talk on camera.

She said she parked in a parking spot and as she was getting out of her car, two men and a woman approached her and stood in her doorway. One of the suspects told her unlock the back doors. They all got in and told her to drive.

She told our Alyssa Chin as she was reversing, the man changed his mind and wanted her to sit in the passenger seat, so he made her climb over him in the car and switch sides.

She was pretending to put on her seat belt when she unlocked the door and rolled out of the car into the parking lot. The three then just took off without her.

Monday, investigators told us just before 1 p.m. an officer working specifically to find stolen vehicles. She apparently saw the stolen car pull into the King Soopers parking lot, in the same shopping complex where the car had been stolen.

The Colorado Springs Auto Theft Unit was called in to help. They talked to the driver, Jacob Guerin, 22, and later arrested him.

They went to his residence in the 3000 block of Starlight Circle. Investigators said they saw two people in the kitchen that matched the descriptions of the two other suspects. Police identified the two people as Jared Smith, 29, and Tasha Gegelman, 26.

Investigators said a handgun was visible on top of Gegelman’s purse. Both Smith and Gegelman were arrested.

We spoke with one mom who was inside the Dollar Tree store not long after it happened.

“It's very sad. I'm moving actually next week. It's crazy over here, this neighborhood is not good. There's always something going on in this neighborhood."

All three people arrested are charged kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

Police said they are taking pictures of the stolen car and gathering DNA evidence. After that, the victim will get the car back.