Woman Captures Video Of Coyotes While Running Near University Village

Julia Saenz's two 3-year-old Rat Terriers
Julia Saenz's two 3-year-old Rat Terriers were with her on the walk and they were not on a leash so she worried for their safety around the coyotes.
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A local woman is warning her neighbors about coyotes after she caught video of them following her on a trail behind University Village in Colorado Springs.

Julia Saenz shot cell phone video of two coyotes, staying right with her down a trail behind Lowe's. You can see Saenz's full video by clicking on the raw viewer video link above this story.

"I could hear things around us and then finally I turned behind me and there [were] two coyotes less than 10 feet behind me," Saenz says.

Saenz told us at one point she realized the animals were circling her and paying close attention to her 3-year-old rat terriers.

They weren't on a leash and she was trying to get back to safety as soon as possible. "I feel like they strategically had a plan to surround us and the attack," she says.

Saenz has lived in Colorado for some time- but she never thought the animals would venture into a busy shopping center, she says. Now that they have, and now that she knows, Saenz is shopping for a new place to go running -to avoid close encounter.