Woman Attacked Twice In Walmart Parking Lot

A woman was alone in a Walmart parking lot early Thursday morning when police say a group of men attacked her.

Officers are still trying to piece together the details of the assault, but believe it may have been prompted by some sort of verbal altercation.

According to police, the men may have attacked the woman after she yelled something at them. They then stole her purse after the victim dropped it while running to get help.

Police say the victim confronted the men after she realized they had taken her purse--leading them to assault her a second time.

The woman was transported to the hospital with a broken nose. Police are studying surveillance video to get a better look at the assailants, as well as a clearer idea of what lead up to the assault.

At this time, the only suspect description available is that the group consisted of one white man, one black man and two Hispanic men.

The incident happened at the Walmart on 8th and Cimarron in Colorado Springs just before 2 a.m. The business does have a security guard employed during the late night hours, but the security guard told police he did not see the attack.

11 News will provide further updates as they become available.