Woman Allegedly Threatened With Gun, 1 Arrested

After knocking on an apartment door for more than two hours without a response, police obtained a warrant to go inside and arrested one man in connection to an earlier disturbance.

Police had reason to believe the suspect was inside the unit and just refusing to acknowledge the officers. Two men had been seen running into the apartment shortly after a woman was threatened with a gun.

According to police, Springs officers were first called to the Pinon Apartments on the 3600 block of Airport Road early Saturday morning on reports that a car window had been broken. Officers were unable to determine a suspect and left the scene.

A short time later, police were called to the same address after a man allegedly pointed a gun at a woman's face. The victim told the responding officers that the suspect was in the hallway of building 3603. After spotting two men run down the hall and into an apartment, police set up containment and began knocking on the door. For two and a half hours, no one inside responded.

Once they got a warrant, police found three men, one woman and two children inside the unit. Police say items linked to the investigation were also found inside, but have not specified further. Reginald Hawthorne, 23, was identified as the suspect police were looking for and arrested.

Police are still looking for witnesses to this incident, which happened in the early morning hours Saturday. If you have information that can help police, call 444-7000.