Mother Accused Of Leaving Baby In Vehicle

A mother is facing child abuse charges for allegedly leaving her sleeping 5-month-old in a vehicle while she went inside a store.

11 News spoke with a witness who saw the 5-month-old in the vehicle and called 911. She says it took about 15 minutes between the time she called and when the child was removed from the vehicle. The woman who allegedly left the baby in the vehicle reportedly didn't come out of the store until another five minutes had passed after that.

The incident happened late Thursday morning at the TJ Maxx near Powers and Carefree in Colorado Springs.

The baby was left inside the vehicle, in direct sunlight, for about 20 minutes, according to police. They report that the outside air temperature was 73 degrees at the time.

Police say Ella Lee, 28, left the baby sleeping in a car seat while she ran into TJ Maxx to return something.

The child was all right, according to police. Lee was arrested and charged with child abuse.

11 News talked to the woman who saw the baby in car and called 911. Sherri Mangin tells us she was appalled at the sight of a baby wrapped in a blanket, alone in a vehicle.

"The baby was covered with a blanket in the direct sun and then the police finally came, " Mangin said.

She goes on to say that the mother at the center of the whole ordeal showed no remorse.

"She didn't tell the police sorry. She said the baby was sleeping. I took my little girl and I went inside."

We checked the suspect's background and found out she was charged with child abuse back in February. The charge says she was knowingly reckless. It's a misdemeanor charge.

The court documents weren't readily available Thursday afternoon.