Woman Accused Of Providing Ebel WIth Gun Says She Is Not Guilty

The woman accused of buying a gun and then giving it to the man believed to have killed our state prison director says she's not guilty.

Lawyers for Stevie Marie Vigil entered her plea in court Tuesday. Vigil is accused of giving a gun to convicted felon Evan Ebel. Tests show the gun was used to murder Tom Clements.

Investigators say they found it on Ebel's body after he died in a shootout with Texas police in March, two days after Clements was killed. Investigators also say they now have all the evidence they need to link Ebel to the death of a pizza delivery driver.

Investigators say fingerprints were taken from a payphone near a truck stop in north Denver where Nathan Leon delivered a pizza. It's the spot where Ebel reportedly ordered that pizza.

They also lifted DNA from the mouthpiece of that phone and matched it to Ebel.

Vigil's lawyers insist Ebel forced her to give him the gun.

Her trial is set to start in August.