Woman Accused Of Abandoning Child Reaches Plea Deal

A woman accused of abandoning her young son has reached a plea deal.

The case began on January 28 after the El Paso County Sheriff's Office received a call about a woman seen wandering down railroad tracks near mile marker 119, barefoot. Investigators later learned that she had been walking with a child.

Once EPSO realized they had a missing toddler on their hands, they called everyone they could in, including K-9 "Axel" and his handler. Within about thirty minutes, Axel's nose led them to the boy.

"He was laying on his back, covered with the scrub oak and the tumbleweeds that were down there,” Joe Breister, with the Sheriff’s Office, said. “Our officer said that he wouldn't have seen him, but the dog picked up that scent."

"It appears [the mother] intentionally laid him down there on a blanket, and then covered him back up,” Breister said.

The prosecutor's office told 11 News Friday that Hall-Gonzalez made a deal to get probation to 16 years in prison, but the actual sentence is open to the court.