Wetmore Fire 100 Percent Contained

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Colder temperatures and higher humidity towards the end of the week greatly helped corral a fire burning west of Pueblo, allowing crews to make significant progress with containment efforts on a fire burning west of Pueblo.

Containment on the Wetmore Fire is now at 100 percent less than a week after the fire first started. Early on, many feared the windy conditions would allow the fire to burn out of control; in the first couple of days, the fire grew rapidly and caused significant damage to several homes.

But by Thursday of last week, two days after the fire ignited, growth stalled at 2,100 acres in Custer County and parts of Pueblo County as a cold front took hold in the region. Containment jumped from 15 percent Thursday morning to 95 percent Friday night.

As of Monday, the fire's size has been decreased to 1,998 acres.
Fire fighting efforts remain in clean-up mode, with mop-up and patrolling the primary objectives. Fifteen firefighters remain on scene, down from hundreds at the height of the fire.

Access to the fire perimeter is limited strictly to firefighters and residents, and access to County Road 390 continues to be limited.

Investigators have determined that the fire is human-caused, but are still trying to figure out exactly how it started.

Fourteen homes, all in Custer County, have were damaged or destroyed in the fire.