Wildfire Awareness Campaign

The city of Colorado Springs is kicking off a wildfire awareness and emergency preparedness campaign. City leaders want people to be ready for the next wildfire season.

The first neighborhood meeting will happen Tuesday, January 15, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain High School's auditorium on 1200 Cresta Road.

Fire Chief Rich Brown, Fire Marshal Bret Lacey and Office of Emergency Management Manager Bret Waters will talk about emergency preparedness, evacuation planning and wildfire mitigation.

Since the Waldo Canyon Fire, which killed two people and destroyed 347 homes, the city wants to make sure people are prepared for the next wildfire season.

“I think there is a sense in our community that we have now been through the worst,” says Brown. “As devastating as the Waldo Canyon Fire was, and still is to those who were impacted, we still have a huge part of this city that is at extremely high risk. We are stepping up our education efforts to provide residents with the information and resources they need to be safe and act swiftly in the event of another fire.”

The city has other resources on their website. Click on the links below.