Wild Weather Creates 18-Inch Hail Drifts Downtown

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The weather was the talk of the town Wednesday afternoon. People in downtown Colorado Springs were blasted with rain and hail during the height of the storm.

"It was just intense. It was just really super, super loud and we couldn't hear each other talking, that's how loud it was," Linda Davies said.

Davies works at the 1st Bank building. She stopped at Pikes Peak and Weber to see the 18-inch hail drifts up close.

It was the fast moving storm that unleashed a lot of hail, putting a landscaping company which is usually used for snow removal to work.

"This is a lot of hail...I have another couple of guys on their way down here to bring us some snow shovels because obviously it looks like a lot of snow so we just have to get after it and get it done," Top of the Peak Landscaping LLC crew leader Vince Vigil said.

Right next door is Dan Kay's office. He said the hail storm basically sandblasted paint off the front of the building and broke the upstairs window.

Chin: “Have you ever heard seen experienced anything like this before?”
Kay: “No, it was really, the folks in my office were starting to get really, we were all getting frightened actually."

The hail wasn't the end of it; just on the other side from those large hail drifts, trees were torn apart and ripped up by the high winds.

Heavy rain forced rushing water and debris down Fountain Creek while we were there--we even saw a shopping cart.

"I've never seen it like this here ever, and I've lived in Colorado Springs all my life, so this is kind of crazy if you ask me...kind of fun though!" Vigil said.

Police told us Wednesday night that they did not receive any calls regarding flooding or hail-related injuries or accidents.