Wild Mushroom Puts Teen In Hospital

Alexandra's body began to shut down after eating the colorful red mushroom she found while camping. Doctors have been able to stabilize her.
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A local father has a warning for all of us with pets and kids.

Poisonous mushrooms are popping up all over Colorado. His daughter nearly died when she ate one.

Hooked up to machines, Alexandra Stone lays in a hospital bed.

“She was in pretty grave danger...it if had taken any longer to get her there, that she might have died,” explained her father, Kevin Stone.

Kevin says they were on a weekend getaway at Painted Rocks Campground. Alexandra is special needs and she is very curious. She went for a walk, picked up a colorful red mushroom and put it in her mouth. Minutes later her body started to shut down.

“She started having some seizure-type activity,” Kevin said.

They rushed Alexandra to a hospital in Woodland Park and then she was airlifted to Memorial Hospital. Her body temperature dropped 12 degrees. Doctors were able to stabilize her.

11 News talked to local mushroom expert, Brian Barzee. He's with the Pikes Peak Mycological Society. He believes Alexandra ate an Amanita Muscaria. They are very common in our area and grow under pine trees.

“This has killed dogs. This is not a mushroom to experiment with any way whatsoever,” said Barzee.

As for the Stone family, they don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.

“Just with as much rain as we've had they're growing all over the place, so just be really careful," Kevin said.

Barzee said dogs are attracted to the smell of the mushrooms, so you'll want to be sure to watch where you're walking them. He said there are no confirmed human fatalities in Colorado so far from this mushroom, but again, if you eat it--it could be deadly.

We checked, and since Alexandra got sick, the Rocky Mountain recreation group removed the mushrooms from the Painted Rocks Campground.