Whooping Cough Confirmed at Air Academy High School

Two cases of Whooping cough is now confirmed at Air Academy High School.

Whooping cough can be deadly for infants and it can send teens and adults to the emergency room.

Whooping cough is spread when an infected person breaths or coughs and another person breaths in that air.

Because it's so contagious and dangerous an email went out to Air Academy High School parents in District 20 to notify them that two students have Whooping cough.

11 News spoke with Air Academy High School parents Monday night.

"I got the email sometime early this morning and they followed up on it and we're still looking today and keeping our eyes and ears open so we're aware,” Jim Batzel said.

"We really appreciate the alert and we're not too concerned, we're just going to keep an eye on Alexa and make sure everything is okay,” Abigail Montanez said.

Whooping cough can be so intense that some patients can throw up from the force of the cough. If you think your child has symptoms it’s best to go to the doctor immediately.