Whooping Cough Concerns In Boulder County

Big concerns today over new cases of Whooping Cough. It's prompted health officials in Boulder County to issue a health warning.

Sixty-eight people have gotten ill so far. Many of the cases were reported in children.

We called the El Paso County Health Department today and they say they haven't gotten nearly that many reported cases of Whooping Cough this year.

There have been a total of 24 cases reported this year. One case was in a child under two years old.

Fifteen cases were in children from 2 to 18 years old; eight cases were reported in people 18 years-old and older.

We also called the Pueblo County Health Department. We're told four cases have been reported this year, one involving an infant. The others were adults.

The health department says it recommends that people always stay up-to-date with Whooping Cough vaccinations because it can be serious, but it is preventable.