White House Put on Lockdown

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Washington (CNN) -- Officials temporarily locked down the White House late Tuesday afternoon due to a security situation at an entrance to the complex, according to CNN journalists inside.

The move came after a vehicle followed a motorcade into a secure area at 4:40 p.m., a U.S. Secret Service spokesperson said. The motorcade included the two daughters of President Barack Obama, who go to school nearby, according to a source familiar with the incident.

President Obama himself was inside the White House at the time, with his schedule indicating he was then meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry.

The driver was stopped by uniformed officers at the outer perimeter of a checkpoint at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and taken into custody, according to the spokesperson.

The source familiar with the incident said the driver holds a pass for the U.S. Treasury building, which sits next to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

About one hour after it began, journalists inside the White House were told the lockdown had been lifted. Video from the scene showed a gray Honda Civic with its doors, hood and trunk opened as authorities looked in and around it.

Due to tight security at the home of the President, even minor breaches can bring a lockdown.

In February, for instance, there was a lockdown after a man tried to jump the White House fence. Authorities gave an all-clear after checking his briefcase and taking him into custody.

A more intense situation occurred last October, when a woman drove a black Infiniti with her 1-year-old child inside into a security barrier and Secret Service officer near the White House. Police pursued her through some of Washington's most famous streets until she was shot and killed by police near the U.S. Capitol; her child was unharmed and taken into protective custody.