West Nile Reported In El Paso County

El Paso County says it has its first confirmed case of the West Nile virus this year.

The county health department says an adult male contracted the illness.

11 News spoke with a woman Sunday who says she was also diagnosed with the West Nile virus after being bitten by several mosquitoes at a Fountain park. The El Paso County Public Health Department says they have heard of her case, but it was never reported to them, making the man the first "confirmed" case.

Last year there were two cases of West Nile reported in El Paso County.

The health department says West Nile has an incubation period between two and 14 days, but 70-80 percent of people will never know they are infected because they will not develop symptoms.

However, the health department says one in five people will develop a fever and flu-like symptoms. Less than 1 percent will develop something more serious, like meningitis or encephalitis.

The health department says that the risk of West Nile virus tends to drop in the fall, because mosquitoes switch from feeding on blood to eating nectar.

However, health experts say because of all the recent rain, it is a good idea to drain the standing water left behind. That standing water can be found in places like outdoor water pots, rain gutters, tires, wheelbarrows and pools.